Digital Filmmaking

What's so great about a digital filmmaking career? Even those who don't go nuts for cutting-edge technology should be able to recognize that digital filmmaking presents some amazing opportunities in the film industry, and in other related markets. Consider the following:

Digital filmmaking is accessible. Relatively low cost and user friendly, digital recording equipment is the personal computer of the film industry. That means talented filmmakers don't need the backing of Hollywood heavyweights to produce their films. While this could be seen as a threat to the establishment, these new voices in film can also inspire others and bring new energy to the film industry. A little healthy competition can be a good thing.

Editing is simple. Like digital recording equipment, editing equipment for digital film is affordable and also easy to master. Make an edit, or undo it with relative ease. Postproduction can be less cumbersome in the digital world. If someone with no training in digital film editing can do a reasonable job on their iMac, imagine what someone with digital filmmaking career training could do. The possibilities are exciting and endless.

Digital distribution reaches a wide audience. You no longer need a big marketing budget to reach a wide audience. Today, your movie could take off on YouTube. It could be available on iPods and cell phones. Digitally formatted films aren't bound to traditional distribution methods. Having a box office smash isn't necessary to gain notoriety. A little success could open big doors for your film career.

Cameras & Formats:

DSLR - The new BEST in Digital Filmmaking Cameras
RED - State of the Art Professional Digital Film Camera System
Sony CineAlta - Digital Film Camera
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Using the DVX100A
Vericam Workflow
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4:2:2 vs. 4:1:1 and 4:2:0
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Digital Film:

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Broadcast and Film Editing:

Avid Express Pro tutorials
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Digital Film Editing
Soviet Montage Theory
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Working with Codecs and the Web:

Exporting Quicktime Video
Embedding Quick Time movies
Video streaming
Video streaming
Video Streaming

The High Def Glossary
New media resources
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Various Tutorials:

Some BBC tutorials about TV and Radio
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Cameras, editing and tips for low cost Web Delivery:

Video Cameras
Video Camera Accessories
Video Shooting Tips
Standups and Voice-overs
Video Editing with iMovie
Video Editing with FinalCut Pro
Exporting Video for the Web

Basic audio for low cost Web Delivery:

Dictation Recorders
Using the Compact Flash Recorder
Using the Minidisc Recorder
Audio Editing with Soundtrack Pro
Audio Editing with ProTools

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