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The Institute for Education in International Media is now accepting applications for its 2008 multimedia journalism programs in Italy and Northern Ireland. Students spend four weeks studying digital storytelling, photography, video and Web design and produce a multimedia Webzine about the local community. (For examples of past projects see and

The Italian program is based in Cagli, a charming town nestled in the foothills of the Apennine Mountains and within easy reach of Adriatic beach towns. The program has come to Cagli every summer since its founding in 2002. In Ireland, students live and study in Armagh on the Irish Republic's border, two hours from Dublin, three from Galway, and one from Belfast.

The program welcomes students from all universities and disciplines.

Highlights of the program:

Earn six undergraduate credits (through Marquette University) or six graduate units (through Gonzaga University) in communication
Study with experienced faculty plus top media professionals (3:1 faculty-student ratio)
Live in furnished apartments in Cagli or a youth hostel in Armagh
Combine hands-on professional experience with academic learning
Travel independently on three-day weekends (additional faculty-guided travel opportunities may be available)

Cagli Session I 5/27 – 6/24
Cagli Session II 6/24-7/23
Armagh 7/22-8/19


$4,999 + airfare for 6 undergraduate credits from Marquette University
$6,500 + airfare for 6 graduate credits from Gonzaga University

Prices are subject to change based on market fluctuations.
For info and application visit or email moc.liamg|tcejorPilgaC#moc.liamg|tcejorPilgaC or moc.liamg|tcejorPhgamrA#moc.liamg|tcejorPhgamrA.

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